Sage X Clare

Freya Baby Blanket


We all know fruit is good for us, right? So if ever we needed an excuse to add to cart - there it is! It's interior goodness, to say the least!

The Freya Baby Blanket boasts a colour-filled fruit bowl as its star feature, while the bold seasonal hues of the Anabelle bring classic sophistication.

As always, there's an element of fun as bright pops of yellow - a key inclusion in the new season Kids + Baby range - provide a playful touch.

Beautifully soft, cotton jacquard continues the appeal - for young and old alike!
The Freya Baby Blanket is the perfect piece for adding all the happy vibes to any nursery setting.

Measures 90 x 100cm
Gingerbread, Cantaloupe, Neon Yellow, Lagoon, Powder, Strawberry
Made from cotton jacquard

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