Amity Created

Amity Bath Soak Jar - Goddess


Self-love & Soul healing

Give yourself permission to pause, to be present, and to sink into bliss with this soulful, ritual soak.

Mantra: I embody the divine feminine

. . .

Create space for yourself to sink into and experience the goddess within, through the beautiful ritual of a bath. This coconut milk soak was hand-blended with deep intention and purpose so that you can come home to and celebrate you. 

It is made to both nourish the body and soul.

Blended in a gridded space, underneath 432HZ and formulated with natural, chemical-free ingredients. 

. . .


Made with Love, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Epsom Salt, Natrosorb (100% Tapioca Starch), French Pink Clay, Organic Dried Rose, Organic Dried Calendula, Organic Dried Chrysanthemum, Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil 


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