Sage X Clare

Dora Tufted Blanket


When it comes to new season interiors, more is absolutely more - and the Dora Tufted Blanket shows us exactly why!

Delivering all the maximalist goodness, this statement piece encapsulates everything we love about the new Anabelle collection.  The cotton front features a hand-drawn and free-flowing floral pattern that has been expertly adorned with large-scale tufted embellishments.

A printed cotton reverse continues the floral flair but in a bold and contrasting hue. A cord fringing edge continues the commitment to detail.

This pre-filled blanket is confident and daring, and it throws away the interior rule book. It delivers an explosion of colour and fun, and will be a spectacular inclusion in any bedroom setting.

Measures 150 x 220cm
Made from 100% cotton outer + polyester filling

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