Sage X Clare

Ezra Woven Wall Hanging


Bring retro-inspired joy - and sooo much personality - to your walls with the Ezra Woven Wall Hanging.

Just when we thought our decorative wall pieces couldn't get any better, this incredibly tactile and oh-so-lovely piece raises the bar.  It's a visual celebration of everything we love about the new Anabelle collection - think daring accent hues, playful florals and vintage vibes.

Stunning artisanal techniques come to the fore via textural weaving while a 30cm fringe on the bottom edge is a further stylish detail.

The Ezra Woven Wall Hanging is the perfect piece to bring colour and flair to your interiors. And we are here for it!

*subject to additional shipping charges for international ordersDETAILSMeasures 70 x 85cm excluding fringe (70 x 115 including fringe)Macadamia, Gingerbread, Boysenberry, Peacock, Midnight, OrchidMade from 80% wool, 20% cotton

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