I’m Jacqui, and House Warming is my way of bringing that magic touch into your life, whether it’s because you know you’re due for a bit of indulgence, or you have a special person who needs showering with warmth.

My mission is to bring together the most beautiful collections of products from incredibly talented artists and showcase them together! We mix and match brands and styles and have loads of fun along the way. 

House Warming was my first "baby" when we opened in 2011… eleven years on i have two human babies and two fur babies of my own.

Whenever you walk into my home you’re going to see the happy chaos and mess that comes with a life well-lived, with the dishes and washing juxtaposed within a setting of beautiful, colourful pieces.

Sure, life’s messy. But there’s no reason why it shouldn't be beautiful and fun and inspiring.

Please get in touch if you need even the slightest help deciding which particular thing of beauty will suit you best or just want a chat, im always up for that!

Jacqui x

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