Baby Shower Gifting

Baby gifts. What to get first-time parents and parents that have it all

All the books read, advice heard and meals in the freezer will never really prepare new parents for everything they need (and don’t need) to help them get through the first few nights, weeks and months at home with a newborn. Online listicles will lament the need for forty-eight types of creams and lotions only for parents to discover that one probably covers most bases. There will also be 3AM purchases of miracle eczema ointment and sleep patches. So, what can we gift our sleep-deprived friends?

Baby gifts for the home

Setting up a nursery can be a source of joy. If the parents are interior décor mad, why not jump on their interest and gift something beautiful for the baby’s room? There are gorgeous blankets (we have some beauties!and cot sheets, cute wall prints (or look on Etsy for original watercolours), sleeping bags (we love these ones!) hanging mobiles, lamps and floor mats. Try to gauge what style they like so what you select will complement their vision. 

Books and Toys

It’s best not to arrive with a life-sized stuffed animal toy for the child’s nursery. As cute as it may be, the parents will be smiling and saying “thanks” through their teeth. Toys are tricky for a baby as they may not be drawn to it (and instead be really into a sheet of aluminium foil). They will also be likely to get many hand-me-downs from brothers/sisters/cousins and show more interest when they are a little older. 


There are, however, some excellent, appropriate toy options if you want to head down that track. Books are a winner, not taking up too much space and encouraging a love of reading. Play mats or floor toys are wonderful for tummy time and soft toys such as these lovely Baby Bunny options can become a real comfort to babies, especially when they’re easy to grab onto. 

Baby Romper with Matching Beanie and Toy

Baby shower gifts that are practical

Sometimes practicality is key, particularly when there’s a newborn involved! Why not pop together a hamper of items that all parents use day in and out? Add a packet of nappies, wipes, pram accessories, baby nail clippers, bibs, a swaddle (like this divine French Pear Swaddle), a pack of plain singlets, baby bath products, a thermometer and anything else you can think of that may come in handy. Make sure it’s all packed into a nice basket, one that can be used to store toys or kids’ items as they start to accumulate. 

Baby clothes and accessories

There’s something about holding a size 000 (or 0000!) singlet or body suit that just makes your heart explode! There’s so many sweet patterns, colours and styles to be found that any parent would love to be gifted. And, as any parent will attest, washing becomes a full-time profession when children are introduced- so having more outfits will come in handy.


Opt for natural fibres for the little ones, and it’s always best to go up a size if you’re unsure- at least they will get some wear out of it, even if it’s a few months down the track. Consider the season too. While that cute-as-a-button coat is the best thing you have ever seen, an Australian summer baby is unlikely to ever wear it. Bodysuits like Onesie Long Sleeve - Country Bumpkins will always be practical (and lovely to look at) or these sweet little Baby Rompers. We also have jumpers, bloomers and dresses that are sure to appeal. Don’t forget beanies, mittens or booties.

Something different

For something truly unique, you can personalise many items for a new baby. Blankets, bibs, towels, robes, nappy bags and hats are able to be monogrammed for a thoughtful gift. Or, what about one of our Letters to My Child kits? The sentimental stationery set that will be treasured for years to come. 

For mum

Lastly, what about mum? Sometimes a small gift or gesture for a new mum (or any parent really…) can be incredibly welcome. Small objects that encourage self-care (like a candle, body balm or voucher to receive a massage) can hit the spot when all mum does is think of everyone else all day! A bottle of celebratory bubbles, a home-cooked meal or a “voucher” to babysit older siblings for a few hours are also thoughtful presents. Whatever you decide to gift, just ensure it’s not creating more work for them.


Baby gifts can be a fraught purchase. Try to think about what a new parent really needs (no, put that annoying noisy book back on the shelf) and let that guide you. Sometimes practical is best but on other occasions, sometimes only the very cutest outfit/ blanket/ cuddly toy will do!

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