Easter Guide to Gifting and Entertaining

Easter is one of our favourite times of the year. We wondered if it was something to do with the fact that it’s socially acceptable to eat chocolate before breakfast and while it might be part of the reason (a lot), it’s also the opportunity to celebrate togetherness with friends and family. And, as far as we’re concerned, anything related to finding hidden sweets is pretty high up there on our list of fun things. Easter is the perfect post-summer interlude where the weather is often still warm, entertaining doesn’t have the pressure of Christmas day and the gifts are delicious. Here's our guide to gifting and entertaining during this gorgeous festive period. 

All about the chocolate

Chocolate and Easter go hand in hand and it’s helpful to have a stash of eggs or bunnies hidden away when you receive unexpected gifts. Worst case scenario they are perfect for quelling late-night cravings a few months on. You don’t need our advice about what chocolates to give and to whom, but it can be useful to remember that kids get a LOT of chocolate over this time so a small, quality chocolate for cousins, neighbours and even your own children will be welcomed by all. Handmade chocolates and treats are a thoughtful option, particularly for teachers, adults and neighbours. Keep in mind many people are health conscious or have intolerances or allergies. There are so many wonderful alternatives available now! 

Easter gifts other than chocolate

At some point, you might be wondering what Easter gifts other than chocolate you can give. Some people don’t like chocolate, sometimes you might have to post your easter gifts or sometimes it’s just not appropriate (such as Easter gifts for a baby). Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • · Our Baby Bunny comforters for little ones are perfect alternatives to chocolate and are in some very Easter-appropriate prints.
  • · For slightly older children, our Chicks and Chickens Memory Game will last well beyond the long weekend and the Hoppy Easter Potion Pouch will appeal to little creative minds. We have curated a collection of Easter gifts for kids and babies you can read here.
  • · For grown-ups, there are traditional Easter flowers that make for perfect gifts. These include hyacinth, Easter daisies and tulips (although these might be hard to find during this time as they’re spring flowers!).
  • · Colomba is an Italian Easter cake that can be found at markets and specialty shops and it is a great, tasty alternative to chocolate.
  • · Easter is just like any other time of year if you are heading to someone’s home for dinner or lunch. If you don’t want to come empty-handed, a gorgeous candle is always a good idea, or some hand lotion or soap feels special without being excessive. 

Easter Entertaining

Easter is a special time of year and you will no doubt entertain, head out for a meal or visit friends and family. If you’re receiving guests, it’s a great time to host a casual meal or even a BBQ. With the weather often permitting, eating alfresco can be a relaxing way to enjoy the last of the warm days. Easter feels slightly more chilled than Christmas, with less pressure to create a full banquet with all the trimmings.

  • · Enjoy low-key dining and create shared plates, charcuterie style boards or a buffet where everyone can help themselves. Picnics are also perfect! We have some excellent picnic essentials.
  • · The BBQ can be a great Easter entertainer if the weather is fine.
  • · Some delicious seasonal fruits at this time are lemons, apples, grapes, figs and pears which open up all sorts of delicious dessert options (figs paired with chocolate anyone??).
  • · The veggies in season lend themselves to roasting (perfect for entertaining!) such as beetroot, zucchini and eggplant. There are plenty of greens too for crisp salads such as cucumbers, snow peas and beans.
  • · Carrots and Easter go hand in hand. Something about bunnies. Anyways, they’re in season too so there’s no excuse- a carrot cake with delicious icing is necessary.
  • · Hot cross buns. Enough said.
  • · Centrepieces and tablescapes are also fun this time of year. Play with small posies of cut flowers, autumnal foliage, chocolate eggs in nests or bowls and pretty table linen. Our Cambria table linen and Moana Floral range would work particularly well. 

Easter fun with kids

Easter is fun for children whether they still believe in bunny deliveries or not! Easter egg hunts in the backyard are always a hit regardless of age and are easy and inexpensive. Hop on (get it??) to Pinterest for never-ending Easter craft inspiration if your kids enjoy these activities. From egg painting to rabbit ear headbands, you’re sure to find something. Save empty egg cartons, paper plates and toilet rolls to make Easter masks, cardboard bunnies and egg-collecting baskets. Get kids involved in the kitchen too! They will love decorating egg-shaped cookies or hand-made chocolates or truffles.

Easter in Australia is the perfect time to celebrate in the relaxed way we do so well. With the weather often balmy still, make the most of picnics, alfresco eating and all the delicious seasonal fruits and veggies. Most importantly, embrace the chocolate and sweet treats from the moment you wake up until the sun goes down! 

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