Colour Theory

Colour Spectrum. Selecting colours to suit your mood with colour psychology

Ever wondered why social media platforms use blue in their logos? Or why fast-food companies use orange or red for theirs? It’s not a funny coincidence that all of Silicon Valley is exclusively partial to blue, they have used colour psychology to make their selection. Certain colours can make us feel a certain way, evoking emotions (and hunger!) in generally subtle, subconscious ways. When we get dressed in the morning, we choose what to wear as an expression of ourselves and how we want to be portrayed- colour is a big part of this. We thought we would explore the ways colour in our wardrobe can make us feel and how to utilise colour to dress in impress (or feel happy/ get the job/ win hearts etc). 

How does Colour Psychology work?

The impacts of different colours have been studied for a long time, exploring the way certain colours can cause human behaviours. It can influence the way we eat, make us feel safe and secure, trustworthy, angry, impulsive, fun and even increase blood pressure! It is important to note that certain things can impact the way we respond to colour and their meanings, most commonly, these are cultural influences. Colour psychology studies human behaviour and mood when exposed to certain colours. Colour symbolism, how we react to them and how colour can communicate. You can see why the big companies are invested in this field! 



This is a happy and optimistic colour. It can even help lift the mood of those around you, it’s certainly a cheerful hue! If yellow in your wardrobe makes you feel a bit nervous, what about mustard or gold? Our Fresno Swing Top is a great way to bring a small element of yellow to an outfit through a multi-coloured pattern or the Strom Dress in honey-gold for a muted yellow pop. Both are happy inclusions to your spring or summer wardrobes. 


Red has both positive and negative connotations. It can evoke anger, excitement, passion or attraction. How you wear this and when is important. Wearing red will bring attention and make you appear confident. A red dress could be a winner on a date! But perhaps a smaller element for a job interview… Our Moss Stitch Scarf in claret is a good way to introduce red for those who are hesitant or the Torrance Blouse as the red sits alongside pink, purple and orange too. 


Orange is an exciting colour and will lift your spirits and your energy. Oranges can range from bright to murky and we’re here for all of it. Splice Blouse in melon and Tote Bag in camomile orange are some of our faves. And yes, orange can stimulate your appetite! 


Pink is a kind and soft colour. Pretty and feminine, friendly and nurturing. With this check list we can think of a bunch of opportunities, events and places to include pink in the wardrobe. Work, weddings, out for dinner or school events- pink is adaptable and loved. From soft pink to magenta, the mood shifts (to exciting!) so keep that in mind. We’re pretty fond of the Eddie Wide Leg pants in pink. 


Unsurprisingly, green offers peace, friendliness, optimism and harmony through its symbolism. It’s also an easy colour to wear if you consider the scale and range of greens on offer. Bright, apple greens are particularly happy while khaki works for those who like more muted greens. We’ve covered all bases with the Bianca Shirt in fig to the Monti Dress in kelly green. 


Traditionally purple was seen as a royal colour, but down here on earth with the rest of the mere mortals, we can also view it as sophisticated, joyful, creative and feminine. Try our Berg Top in Elk Signature Glitch Print for some feminine energy. 


Incredibly versatile and popular, blue in some form or another will make an appearance in most wardrobes. It conveys reliability and intelligence all while being calming. Blue spans from navy through to baby blues but you can guarantee broad appeal by wearing anything within the range. There’s a good reason so many banks and corporations incorporate blue into their logos and branding! You will find something to love, large or small, with our Camilla Knit Dress, Signature Tee in light blue or Mini Soho bag in blue.

Black & White

These are well-trodden paths in the world of fashion and the virtues of a black blazer, little black dress or a crisp white shirt are obvious. While certain cities may be synonymous with an all-black wardrobe (ahem, Melbourne!) they can be lifted with pops of other colours too for a balanced outfit. Black is a powerful colour, best worn when you want to exude confidence or be taken seriously. White is a pure, uplifting colour and can be symbolic of innocence. 

What you wear tells a story of you. Your personality, how you want to be portrayed and it can be a form of expression. Each colour within your wardrobe also holds a narrative within it. When you get dressed consider what that story is that you want to tell. From confidence to friendliness, optimism and intelligence, there’s a colour to match!

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