Corduroy is back and we couldn’t be more excited!

Corduroy: How to introduce the cosy and stylish fabric into your wardrobe.

Corduroy is a classic fabric that has had its moments of wild popularity but has never really faded away into obscurity even when it’s not in the fashion limelight (kinda like Rod Stewart). There’s a reason for this. It’s durable, warm, comfortable and a little bit quirky. The cooler months are the perfect time to add some corduroy to the wardrobe and work out how best to wear it. Push past your ‘70s vision of musty old-man blazers and welcome a pretty, fun and sometimes colourful fabric that will bridge that awkward gap between casual and smart dressing.

Up or down

Like its mate denim, corduroy can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Team a pair of cord pants with sneakers and a tee-shirt for a casual and relaxed look (school pick up, brunch date, weekends etc.). Throw on a pair of boots and knit with a corduroy skirt for a slightly more elevated look (winter workdays, trips to the cinema etc.). There’s nothing to say you can’t dress cord up even further. Look at our gorgeous Overshirt Dress Cord-Magenta and how fabulous it looks with colour- coordinating heels. Heaven

Pair it back

The texture of corduroy is what makes it such a unique fabric. The surface, woven into tufted “wales” (the ridges) is highly textural and warm. The other fabrics you pair it back with will be important for a cohesive outfit. Denim works well with cord, such as a denim shirt with corduroy pants. Team smooth, flat textiles like a cotton tee-shirt or tank with a corduroy skirt. In cooler months, consider a knitted sweater. Our Lotus Cord Skirt can be seen with both, looking equally gorgeous each way.

Go with the classics

Corduroy has traditionally been favoured by the working class due to its durability and we can be thankful it’s now not reserved solely for worker’s uniforms. Its strength as a fabric means it should last a long time so sticking with classic silhouettes will allow it to be a timeless wardrobe staple (our blog on capsule wardrobes will second this theory!). A flattering corduroy pant will never date and will be pulled to the front of the wardrobe every winter. A classic corduroy jacket or mini skirt is also something that is versatile and transcends fashion. While fashion is incredibly fun, try to think long term wearability.

Remember it’s warm

Don’t forget that one of the best attributes of corduroy is its warmth-providing qualities. While not strictly speaking, cord is a fabric that is most suited to cooler months like Autumn or Winter because of this. For the transeasonal times, pairing a dress with a corduroy blazer is a fun look or corduroy pants with a plain or graphic tee (see our Plush Pant Cord for simple styling inspo). A corduroy skirt or dress is the perfect cross-season piece. Team with boots and tights in winter, sneakers and a tee or shirt in warmer weather.

Contrast shape

Corduroy is a relaxed textile at its heart and that can also be reflected in the style or fit of the clothes it makes. It can be fun to contrast the shapes of clothing items when wearing cord such as a tight cord jacket with a flowing dress underneath. The fitted silhouette of a linen or denim shirt with cord pants or a tank top/ tee shirt with a corduroy skirt also works. This contrast helps balance the interesting texture of the fabric while also elevating it to a smart-casual level.

Corduroy is a fabric to have fun with. Embrace the comfort it allows and its timeless nature by investing in a piece or two for your wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed when it reappears every time the weather cools down!

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