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Property Styling Ideas to make your home appealing for sale

To say that Australians are obsessed with real estate is an understatement. We follow it like the news and consume home renovation and real estate shows in enormous quantities. While you may have asked “what is property styling” 10 years ago, you’re certainly not going to ask the same question today unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (in which case, good for you, the last few years have been weird!). With a smaller budget in mind, here are some ideas to try yourself if hiring professionals are out of reach. 

Creating Illusion

Property styling is all about helping the potential buyer envisage themselves in the home. Stylists are wizards at creating spaces that balance aspiration and inspiration which is why a fully styled home will often be minimalist in furnishings and decoration. They highlight the positives and distract from the negatives. 

Know who your market is

Chat to the agent- who is going to be most interested in your home? Who are they going to be targeting? Downsizers? Young families? Or perhaps tree-changers? Different demographics of prospective buyers will be looking for different things. Young families might be looking at storage, bedroom size and flexible living spaces while a downsizer might consider functionality and ease of maintenance. You can style accordingly when you know this. 


Every agent, every stylist and every show on earth will tell you to declutter. Clutter makes rooms look smaller than they are, less functional and less appealing. Clutter makes it harder for the buyer to imagine themselves in the space. Start today and be brutal. If you have space to store things- do it. Pop toys in beautiful baskets, arrange small objects on trays to contain the mess and decorative boxes are a gorgeous way to hide the smaller bits. 

Master bedrooms

Master bedrooms are a room that women generally consider to be important when looking for a home. Ensure the bed is beautifully made in clean, pressed linen. The top of the bed is what everyone is looking at so you can always just iron what’s visible. If you think stylists are ironing all the linen- think again! Use European-sized cushions for drama and a few scatter cushions for interest. If this all feels overwhelming keep it simple. A pair of matching cushions is all that’s needed. Pick a colour to tie back to something else in the room like an artwork. A stripe or plain colour is always going to be classic if you’re feeling overwhelmed with choice! If there’s space, an armchair or ottoman will set the scene. Pop a throw on the end of the bed or chair to finish the look. Keep bedside tables decluttered and simple. A beautiful book, a candle or a decorative box or posey are perfect options. 

Living areas

The living area is incredibly important to get right. If you’re engaging a stylist, they will ensure the best possible layout is created so the space feels spacious and maximises the best qualities of the room, such as the view, the fireplace or the open-plan floorplan. Look at the space through this lens. Could it be made to feel bigger if a chair was removed? Or is there a better layout for the purpose of the sale? Keep surfaces free from personal belongings and junk. 


An inexpensive way to style your coffee table might be to layer some quality coffee table books with a vase of flowers or small decorative pieces like a box or bowl. Make sure the furniture is clean and cover any unremovable stains with a throw. Perhaps some new cushions are in order? A handful of curated cushions can change the way a room feels and makes drab furniture feel fresh. Mixing a stripe, a plain and an organic patterned cushion is a nice combination if you feel making selections doesn’t come naturally. Look at the walls- do they feel incredibly bare? Wall hangings are a great way to add texture and interest or a mirror is a fabulous option- and you get to take them with you when you move! 

All the senses

When we inspect a property we take everything in. Subconsciously we might also notice elements like smells, cleanliness and sounds. An inexpensive way to set the mood is to use candles, room diffusers or flowers to create an inviting home. Just be mindful to not overdo this- you don’t want to put people off! Plants are another affordable way to decorate your space. Make sure they’re healthy, in nice pots and trim any dead bits. A fresh set of towels is another way to make a big impact with minimal spending. But, most importantly, keep the home clean, particularly before inspections. 


A clean home smells nice and inviting so keeping an eye on bathrooms, any dying things at the back of your fridge and rubbish that needs to be taken out is imperative. Remember that during inspections every cupboard, fridge and door will be opened. Yes, it’s hard to keep the house looking great if you’re living there but hopefully it will only be a short while and it will be worth the extra effort!

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