Why bath towels are the ultimate bathroom accessory.

How to style towels, hang towels and pick a beautiful combination

Nothing says luxury quite like the feeling of a warm, fluffy towel in a hotel. Perfection. Towels are household items that we want to look nice, feel good and last thousands of washes- but they can also be a fun styling tool. They are a great way to emphasise your interior design style intentions, whether they are sophisticated, on-trend or somewhere in between. Here’s how to pick the best towels for your home and how to show them off. 

What's your style?

Deciding what you want your bathroom to look and feel like is the first step in choosing towels. If you’re after a more “hotel” vibe, you’re likely to gravitate to towels that are different to those who want a funky, fun, fresh-looking room. The colour, style, pattern (or lack thereof) and even how you display and fold your towels will be impacted by the overall look you want. 


For a more sophisticated, refined look start with a plain towel, such as white or charcoal and break it up with a quality, textured bath mat or hand towel. If you want a more relaxed feel, have fun with pattern and colour, mixing and matching or include cute accents like our Nudie Rudie bath mats. It’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure! 

Layer it up. Mix it up

At House Warming it’s no secret we’re fans of mixing colour, pattern and styles of textiles and this extends to bathroom towels. It can be helpful to select an underlying theme throughout to tie all the different towels together, such as a colour, and then play with patterns and trims for an eclectic and happy bathroom. See how the gorgeous Benita Towel range ties back with other stripes and weaves but still feels coordinated because of the running thread of green throughout. This will make your matchy-matchy friends feel incredibly uncomfortable but for the rest of us, the colours and patterns are pure joy! 


There’s a lot to consider when choosing your towel colour. A solid, plain-coloured quality towel is certainly a good investment and you can play with colourful accessories such as face washers, hand towels and bathmats. If you’re uncertain about what colour to choose, consider the space and what already exists. Are the tiles and vanity white, beige or grey based? Is there a feature tile that you can draw from? You can use what already exists to either build a complementary palette or alternatively contrast to create a feature. 


White towels are classic although darker or colourful towels also have their benefits too. Multi-coloured towels tend to be a little bit more trend-based, but they are also extremely fun and practical (not every bit of mascara or toddler grub will be staring right back at you like on a plain white towel!). Personally, we love colour and what it brings to a bathroom. It’s energetic, fun and easy to care for- everything a towel (and your best friend) should be. 

Folding and storing

There are lots of ways to style your towels and each references a certain look. Neatly folded towels on a rail (fold into thirds lengthways then fold in half crosswise) is a sharp, organised look utilised by property stylist everywhere. You can arrange two in a row then neatly fold a handtowel across one for a layered look. For day spa vibes, roll towels and arrange them on a shelf or in a basket. For a relaxed feel, draping is a great option, whether that be towels on a hook, a bathmat across the bath edge or a handtowel on the vanity. A little timber stool with folded handtowels adds a photo-shoot-worthy element or even small, folded handtowels stacked in a tray are a welcoming touch for guests. 

Have fun

Who knew bathrooms could be so fun? Choosing new towels for your home can be just the lift it needs to go from drab to fab. This is particularly helpful if you live in a rental property or are unable to undergo a bathroom renovation. There are no “rules” as to what you should choose, just like in any other aspect of interior design. Having a linen cupboard with options to play with is the ultimate in styling fun. Look for details, such as towels with tassels (see our Zelia range), cheeky slogans or playful towel pattern designs to brighten your day. Checks, stripes and textures are classic style elements and will age gracefully if you’re wanting your towels to stick around for a long time but still be fun! 


Long gone are the days of boring matching towel sets that you were gifted when you left home or became engaged. With so many beautiful options available it’s time to make the most of all the colour, pattern and texture that will elevate any bathroom space. Like all things décor related, stay true to your style though. If you love your matching plain towels, go forth, although we will always find it hard not to throw a tassel or a pink bathmat in the mix! 

Inspired? Level up your towel game

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