Your Winter Layering Essentials.

What Will Keep You Warm and Fashionable with our Winter Layering Guide

Unless you live in the North of Australia, you will have been reaching for your winter wardrobe these last few weeks (maybe months). So, unless you’re able to up and relocate to the tropical states it looks like you better sort out how to keep toasty. There is something lovely about bundling up and heading out for a walk or to the football in winter but how can you layer to keep warm without looking like some sort of top-heavy onion? Never fear, House Warming has your winter layering ideas, tips and tricks sorted.

Best Base

Remember that time it was freezing outside and you got to the party/ shopping centre/ restaurant and you couldn’t take your jumper off in the over-heated room? It had something to do with your stained or see-through top underneath, didn’t it? Ok, so the first rule of layering is to ensure the bottom or base layer is one you would be comfortable strutting about in.

Classic neutral shirts are a great place to start with your layers and will always work back with your capsule wardrobe if that’s a goal. (Read more about capsule wardrobes here!). Some staples we love include our Foxwood Scoop Longsleeve Rib and the Hannah Rib Knit. Turtleneck style shirts are another fabulous option as they are classic, will work back with almost any outfit and keep you warm all the way up to your head!

Natural Fibres

While it might be freezing, layers can still be lightweight. In fact, the layers closest to your body are perfect if they’re lighter. It gives flexibility when we move inside and outside to regulate our body temperature by adding and removing layers. Natural fibres are light but good insulators. Think of cotton and merino, for example. Thermal layers work exceptionally well when in very cold weather. Natural fibre layers are also breathable which means you’re less likely to break out into a sweat when you head inside a hot room or for a brisk walk. Some synthetic fibres also hold onto body odours. No one wants that or to be near that, let’s be honest! Try our Josie V Neck or Colbie Sweater to keep naturally warm…. but not smelly-warm.

The Outer Layer

The piece de resistance! Pull those jackets out from the back of the closest or wherever you shove them over the deliciously warm months as you will be needing them. You don’t need us to tell you how to wear a coat but there are so many fabulous options this season. For a casual weekend look, reach for a fun puffer or quilted-style jacket. It will keep you snuggly and warm and can be worn year after year (Hello Mimi or Celia!). We’re also excited that the trench is back in a big way. A trench can carry you from the office to a party to Pilates without a bat of an eyelid (not literally although this would be a fabulous invention). There’s also the blazer for those days it’s not incredibly cold but you still need that outer layer. Blazers can be dressed up or down with ease and can be layered over anything from a dress to jeans to workwear. We love a versatile piece!

Play with Scale and Proportion

Trying to layer clothes while not appearing or feeling like a swaddled ball is a fine art. Start with your light weight, natural layers as mentioned above as you will need less while still feeling warm. You can also play with scale. If the top half feels bulky with a puffer jacket you can team it with a closer-fit bottom, such as leggings or slim-cut denim. In the same manner, cropped jackets can look super cute layered over a long dress, a voluminous scarf teamed with a minimal outfit or an oversized trench over jeans and a tee works well. There are no rules here, however, and fashion is all about having fun, particularly at the moment with oversized silhouettes taking centre-stage. Do what makes you feel both warm and confident.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Maybe not heads, shoulders, knees and toes, but you catch our drift. Don’t forget the extremities. You will no doubt have heard from your mother/ grandmother about heat escaping from your head- she ain’t wrong. A cosy beanie, beret or even a cap will help retain heat in your body. A scarf, a hat or gloves are also excellent accessories. Play with them to add the missing colour or texture your outfit might be missing. 

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling cold but getting out there to work, exercise and life in general is inevitable, even in the cooler months. Keeping warm is more than just a big jacket, it’s about flexibility, layers and being able to manage changes in temperature as you go about your day. Trust us, lovely layers are the answer to all your winter woes!

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