Weavings and Wall Hangings. Think outside the frame for some affordable and fun wall décor

Instagram and Pinterest can be an interesting place when designing or decorating your home. Full of inspiration? Yep. Full of expensive and inaccessible things? Also, yep. If you’re like us, some of the most coveted, searched and liked images in your feed will include art. Walls of art, statement art and gallery walls. The simple truth is art completes a room. It speaks to our interests, travels, personality and aesthetic. It adds colour, pattern and style to our spaces in a way that other details don’t. One of our favourite art additions is a wall hanging. They bring a laid-back vibe to the wall. Equal parts Woodstock and present-day hipster. The best part? It’s all super achievable.

What we’re talking about

Wall hanging is a broad term but when we talk about it, we’re generally referring to colourful weavings and texture-heavy designs or prints finished with a string and dowel hanging system. They’re a throwback to several times in history. They may spark school classroom memories (wayyyy before SMART Boards and Blu Tack!) or remind us of the swinging 70’s when craft was cool. Well, history has a funny way of repeating itself because weavings and wall art are trending again. We love their fun and casual feel, their impact on a space and most of all, their affordability.

What they bring to a room

Wall hangings are art, just in the way that photographs, paintings, sculptures and vintage prints are too. They may not be fine art, per se, but they’re an adornment to your wall and room. They add texture and warmth that a regular print won’t offer, in particular, a weaving with its heavy wool and fabric depth. If your room feels impersonal or lacking in warmth, wall art is the perfect antidote. Again, if a room feels like it needs colour or an artwork of scale where the budget may not permit an original painting, a wall hanging will achieve this. Consider all surfaces of your space. We would never forgo beautiful flooring or lighting on the ceiling- your wall is a blank canvas.

Where to hang them

Art rules are boring and we suggest not following them! But for some inspiration and guidance, wall hangings look fabulous where scale, colour or texture is required. In a children’s play space or bedroom, they inject colour. As part of a gallery wall, they add variation in texture and tone. If it’s a stand-alone piece above furniture like a sofa, bed or console, consider the triangle configuration. The eye should travel upwards, with the heaviest (longest) item at the bottom, meaning the art will be smaller in width than the furniture underneath it.

How to choose

Like anything you’re choosing for your home, a full-room evaluation can lead us in the right direction. Look at your art inspiration images. What are you drawn to? Does the art bring warmth, quirkiness or colour? Now, look at the room. What are you hoping to achieve? Colour adds energy, pattern adds movement and texture adds comfort. If you don’t feel confident about the colour, seek inspiration from a current fabric, accessory or something else already present in the room to tie back to. If you like the idea of clashing colours- the world is your oyster! If you believe the room is lacking oomph, scale is your friend- go big. Finally, if your room or home is full of shiny, hard surfaces, texture will bring a layer of cosiness you won’t realise is missing before. A woven wall hanging will always be welcomed here.

If you’ve come this far and still need convincing that a wall hanging is the perfect addition to your home, open your favourite image inspiration app and type it in. Deep dive into a world where walls are full of personality and you will be transported. Remember, wall hangings are easy to hang and move around the home at a whim while being inexpensive to boot. It’s time to play decorator with an affordable and impactful piece of décor- be brave!  

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